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Grades Schmades

Grades can be a misleading way to know if your learner knows the material. Maybe they got extra points for attending office hours, maybe the test was graded on a curve, maybe they crammed and knew the material in that snapshot of time, but do not have lasting mastery...
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I Fell in Love Again

Well, I fell in love again… with the annual We Are Girls Conference.  It happens every November, and is the most wonderful event, with the loveliest most empowering messages for young women and girls.  I get weepy thrills just walking through the doors every...
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A Lifetime of Math-Anxiety Therapy in a Single Night!

Don’t miss out on your chance to get assessed! Have you ever felt defeated trying to learn something? Like, I don’t know, maybe MATH?… Have you and your learner felt beaten down by your experience trying to learn a math skill? Get thee to a Math Number...
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See Math For Keeps at the We Are Girls Conference!

Math For Keeps is thrilled to once again be participating in Girls Empowerment Network’s “We Are Girls” Conference. In our workshop, How to Hack Your Brain and Body to De-stress Your Math Experience we’ll teach you how to transform defeating...
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When is a “C” Worse Than an “F”?

So you’ve just gotten your report card, or your latest test, and… you passed!!!!  Hooray!!  By the skin of your teeth, you passed. Now you never have to worry about that stuff again…right?  Wrong!  In math, that’s rarely the case.  Every layer of skills is setting you...
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