Build a Solid Math Foundation

At Math For Keeps, we focus on strengthening your student's understanding in math rather than serve as temporary crutch tutors.

Proven Teaching Methods

Time and again, our teaching methods have consistently improved our students' ability in math and performance in class.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Not only catch up, but also exceed the school curriculum. Be a top student in class.

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We are Math For Keeps

Math For Keeps is a math tutoring program focused around providing foundational math skills. Unlike many other tutoring programs, we go beyond serving as a "crutch" tutor and strive to build our students' math foundations.

Our Method

We pinpoint the weak points in a students' understanding and from there provide targeted practice so that the students can attain mastery over the skill and build upon their foundation.


Math For Keeps works. We work hard to ensure that quality, but don't just take our word for it. See Testimonials...

Our Programs

Math For Keeps

Our premier program, Math For Keeps is a method for teaching math so that it sticks. Our focus is on skill acquisition and retention rather than concept presentation. We cull the requisite skills from bigger math concepts and teach you how to practice them so that they stick. Learn more...

Taylor-Made Travel Tutors

The Travel Tutors program is a an offshoot of Math for Keeps. Taught by tutors trained in the Math For Keeps methodology. These dedicated tutors come to you for tutoring sessions.
Learn more...

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"After trying other well known programs that barely helped, the individual attention from MFK refocused their attention on the rules and processes of math. We will never use another math program, we're all in!"

Denise K , parent