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Math and Happiness Part III: Can “Non-Math” People Thrive In a Math Class?

Math and Happiness, Part III: Can “non-math” people have a thriving experience learning math? In this series, we’re exploring the intersection of learning and the emotional toll – and rollercoasters – that often accompany the process. In our first...
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Math and Happiness Part II: The Two Sweet Spot Rules

Last time, we defined Zone of Proximal Development and “Sweet Spot” (technical term!)  Let’s dig into this a little more, and then outline the two main guidelines for keeping a student there. This space of learning—after you’ve been shown something, but before you’ve...
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Math and Happiness Part I: Your Sweet Spot Defined

One of the magical things about one-on-one teaching is that it’s easy to keep a student in what educational theorists call their Zone of Proximal Development.  I call it your Sweet Spot!  If you’re bored, optimal learning is not happening.  On the other hand, if...
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What Do We Mean by “Math Number”?

What do you mean- Math Number? Glad you asked!  (don’t worry- you’re not supposed to know this already.  The Math Number idea is something I made up to make this stuff easier to talk and strategize about).  So… Everyone has a Math Number!  It is the number of top...
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Exploring a Bottom-Up Approach to Learning Math, Part IV of IV: How to Practice?

In this series of articles, we’ve been exploring the idea that a Bottom-Up Approach to teaching math can do more for lasting skill mastery than the more traditional Top-Down one.  The system that will take the best advantage of this approach will have strategies...
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