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Why Is Summer Such a Great Time to Do Math Lessons?

Combat summer skill loss! Start out next year strong and confident – and ready to learn new skills (instead of having to re-learn ones from last year!) Get clear skin and a flat belly! Practicing math over the summer can definitely do two of these.  Read on… Did your...
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How to Bullet-Proof Your Algebra Experience

FACT: Many students need more practice in order to master something that what happens in a typical math classroom. Read on to find out:
 a) How to tell if you are one of these students. 
b) Why it’s CRUCIAL to implement a practice-method of mastering math skills...
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Parent and Tutors: How to be a Help not a Crutch

It’s school time again… Which means homework time again…Which means MATH homework time again. Math is the most common subject to stump kids on their homework.  When your learner asks for help, hopefully there are some well-meaning individuals there to assist.  There...
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Do Today. Know Tomorrow.

Exploring a Bottom-Up Approach to Learning Math Repetition, especially of the “rote” memorization ilk, gets a bad rap in academia. This is with good reason. As teachers, we don’t want you blindly memorizing something without understanding the REASON and MEANING behind...
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4 Ways to Know When You’ve Mastered a Skill

How do you know when you’ve mastered something? What does mastery actually mean? One of the most important things we teach here at Math For Keeps is about the journey that happens in your brain: from the time a skill is Introduced to the time it’s Mastered, and about...
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